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  • No Bans - No Limit - Scale Faster
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Spend unlimited daily budget with Invoice ad accounts

Account is daily spending limit, it's hard to scale large budget


Optimize costs, have a live support team from media platforms

Ads costs are too high, no direct support


Use top-tier level agency ad account with high stability

Accounts are easily disabled, the appeal time is long


Just run ads, BC provides a package: Invoice account, VPS, FB profile, BM, Fanpage, old gmail / hotmail...

It takes a lot of effort to prepare the account and materials


Invoice ad account does not need to worry about payment methods (no card, no need to follow threshold)

Prepare many bank cards, trouble about payment methods


Only 5-15 minutes to wait for the campaign to be approved with an Invoice account

Ads approval slowly, it takes a few hours to a day


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Monthly Invoicing Advertising Account


BC Agency's advertising account is the optimal solution for professional advertisers
This is the type of ad account that the platforms provide a credit line in the payment manager (spend first, pay later).
Accounts open to organizations with large spending budget; or reputable Agencies - Partners.
This account is also known as BM Invoice, Monthly Invoicing or Invoice ad account. Usually rented by agencies for a certain fee.

Multi-platform agency advertising accounts

    Choose platforms if you need a stable and large spending ad account


Facebook Invoice

Google Invoice

TikTok Invoice

Bing Invoice

Facebook Invoice

  • Allow all White hat , light Grey hat products
  • Rock-bottom fees from 1%
  • No opening fee, no deposit fee
  • No minimum budget required
  • Unlimited spending right after initialization
  • Campaign security, quick top up

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Google Invoice

  • Allow all White hat , light Grey hat products
  • Rock-bottom fees from 5%
  • No opening fee, no deposit fee
  • No minimum budget required
  • Get 50% off promo code worth $380 /01 acc
  • Unlimited spending right after initialization
  • Open account unlimited quantity, quick top up

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TikTok Invoice

  • Allow all White hat products
  • No opening fee, no deposit fee
  • No minimum budget required
  • Run all markets, Account Manager team directly support
  • Super fast recharge, company contract

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Bing Invoice

  • Allow all White hat products
  • Good approach to customers in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand,...
  • Low price from 3%
  • Allows advertising on both Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft network sites
  • Super fast recharge, company contract

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Choose if you need many normal ads accounts, many resources to advertise


Advertising materials with good price, variety, prestige and updated every day: BM, personal ad account, FB profile, CLONE, GMAIL, HOTMAIL, FANPAGE,..



Always dedicated to bring optimal advertising solutions

  • Official Partner of Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing
  • With more than 08 years of experience in the account renting field, we are proud to have been providing an effective and smooth advertising solution for thousands of small and large customers.
  • We understand our mission is to help businesses optimize their company profits by providing quality and expert advertising accounts.
We offers agency ads account fees from only 1%
Reputable, strong account, allowing product types: Gray Hat, White Hat
Diverse account sources, always available, provided quickly
Free to open a new account once it's disabled
Absolutely not hold the remaining budget, refund on time after 15 days

Just 4 simple steps to have an advertising account

  • Step 1: Wait for domain approval
Customers provide links to Fanpage and Website
  • Step 2: Deposit account
After BC accept to open the Invoice ad account. Customers top up all the corresponding fees
  • Step 3: Content approval
BC instructs customers to edit content on domain & Fanpage to ensure content complies with each platform's policy
  • Step 4: Grant an account
BC confirms and issues Invoice ads account for customers.

Start your successful advertising campaign by leaving your information below!

  • Open account fee from 1% + get 01 free account opening
Or contact directly the hotline: +84 838.586.166 to start now!



Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.
Invoice is a premium ad account type specifically issued to agencies by platform, which does not use a credit card.
#1. What is a Invoice account?
BC Agency agrees to issue an Invoice account for products: POD, Dropship, cosmetics, spas, beauty salons, and some functional food items (not supporting pathological products).
#2. Which products are leased to an agency ads account?
No. If the account is locked without the customer's mistakes. BC Agency will assist in creating a new ad account and transferring the remaining balance to a new account at no additional cost.
#4. Shall I lose my balance when my account is locked?
Yes! When you want to terminate the contract, we shall refund the balance within 15 working days (weekend and holidays won't be counted)
#5. Could I complete the contract while the balance remains?
Whether you're a professional advertiser or a beginner, you can use your Invoice account for your ad campaigns. Because this type of account can set hundreds of camps, hundreds of groups without unusual errors, large spending limits, no thresholds, no need to worry about payment methods.
#3. Should I use a montly invoicing ads account if I'm a beginner?

Win - Win Cooperation!

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From January 1st, 2023, BC Agency is implementing the Referral program with the Advertising Account and Advertising Materials services. This is a cooperation program that offers discounts and commissions exclusively for customers and partners of BC Agency. The program is designed to help customers receive more value from our services when developing their own networks.

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